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Middle School Athletics

6th grade: This is the developmental stage for the scholar athletes. We will try to establish and sharpen goals of excellence, while acknowledging that these students are maturing quickly. At this stage, we want to develop their skills on and off the playing field or court. We will always try to have a 6th grade team so that they can get the individual attention needed to develop appropriately.


7th & 8th grade: Although still in the developmental stage, we will start to guide their focus to the more competitive side of the sport. Primarily, we will communicate with the scholars about their current ability level in order to provide a realistic approach as to what steps need to be taken to play at the next level. Our main priority will be to develop their skills for the competition at the high school level by beginning to instill the expectations and competitive nature of their particular sport. Playing time is not guaranteed, but our desire is to give every participant an opportunity to participate in the games.


High School Athletics

9th-12th grade: The primary goal at this level is for the student athletes to compete. Participating sports will still be developing scholars both individually and collectively as a team. In order for this to happen, teams will be kept to a manageable size. During tryouts, coaches will prepare criteria to support their final decisions about each student athlete. Expectations for the team and its members will be clearly articulated prior to final selection of the team. Every effort will be made to ensure that the tryout period is as positive as possible. Playing time is not guaranteed; however, we will strive to give every scholar an opportunity to earn a scholarship and play at the next level.

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