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To produce lifelong learners, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and productive members of the global community.



Respect –  Treating others with care and courtesy and representing yourself, family, and school with pride.

Integrity –  Always doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Community– Collectively working to ensure a positive culture and academic achievement in a safe and supportive environment.

Excellence– Commitment to high-quality education and high-expectations in all we do.



Classes focus on providing students with the problem solving skills need to be successful in a Technology Driven Workforce. We pursuit collegiate and career readiness student learning and development. Our learning focuses by middle school awareness and high school exploration experiences and simultaneously provides exposure to real-world labs through our partners. This collaboration creates readiness at earlier ages so that our students and families better understand and seize the opportunities for learning, living and contributing in a robust way.

MASE is committed to unleashing the greatness of our students in the classroom and in their lives.

Led by Executive Director Rodrick Gaston, the staff brings a combined 400 years of expertise.

We pride ourselves on being outstanding thinkers, doers, and leaders!

MASE’s leadership as the 1st Charter School in Tennessee is a role of pride.

That pride continues with the staff’s ongoing commitment.

MASE was selected Best High School by US News & World Report

MASE was also voted 2018 Best High School in Tennessee.

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