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Counseling Services


College Services

MASE has an individualized college counseling program that seeks to help students identify and apply to colleges/universities that fit within their budget and will prepare them to achieve their career goals. The College Counselor offers MASE students group and unlimited individual college guidance and on-campus college/university visits.


Group and Individual College Guidance

All juniors are introduced to the college/university application process and helped to identify activities and involvements that will strengthen their college/university applications. All seniors and their parent/s or guardian/s are offered individual meetings to map out the college/university selection process.


College Visits

Representatives from many colleges/universities that offer to meet 100% of students’ demonstrated financial need visit MASE each year and seniors with ACT/SAT scores and GPAs within the range of the college/university acceptance norms are allowed to leave class to attend. While MASE periodically offers college/university campus visits, students are allowed, with proper advance permission, to take time off from school to independently visit college/university campuses.

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